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First off, THANK YOU! We would like to deeply and sincerely thank everyone who has supported and shared our humble “Awakening" EP up to and through its release! We have put our hearts and countless hours of work into our debut album, and we are very grateful for all the positive feedback we have received!

We launched our teaser website ( in June, and none of us could have predicted the amount of exposure it suddenly received in the final few weeks. It was quickly necessary to amend it with a disclaimer of our unofficial nature, as excitement around Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and official events such as Tokyo Game Show coincided with the release of our album.

We’re incredibly excited to announce our first full album: “Project Destati Volume I: Light,” slated for release in Spring 2014. All revenue made from Awakening will be invested into making our future musical endeavors bigger and better. If you want to support us, grab the album and spread the word!

Check Project Destati’s official website ( often as we’ll be posting updates as we go along. We cannot wait to share everything we have planned with you all!



The door has been opened with “Project Destati: Awakening” — a musical homage to the highly-acclaimed Kingdom Hearts series.

Reworked, re-orchestrated, and re-imagined, Awakening is Project Destati’s debut release — the beginning of a comprehensive collection of albums as homage to, and in honor of the music of Kingdom Hearts. The album’s release is aligned with the 11th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series.

The 18-minute fully-licensed EP is available for purchase for $3 via


1. Destati
2. Treasured Memories
3. Sinister Sunburn
4. Another Side
5. End of the World

Project Destati is a celebration of the rich musical score of the Kingdom Hearts saga. The aim is to capture and enhance the depth, intensity, and magnitude of Yoko Shimomura’s brilliant compositions that have brought Kingdom Hearts to life for the past decade.


The trio of musicians behind the project are Kristin Naigus, David Russell, and Sebastian Wolff. Read more about them at




Project Destati is part of Loudr, a music platform that provides copyright clearance and distribution for original music and covers. Loudr has ensured that Project Destati: Awakening is licensed and legal. By supporting Project Destati, you are supporting the original creators of the music you already love.

"Kingdom Hearts" is a registered trademark of Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Kabushiki Kaisha Square TA Square Co., Ltd.

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